Food safety and quality

The cheeses that we produce, particularly the Epoisses, are extremely sensitive to external contamination.
The Fromagerie Gaugry has implemented a comprehensive set of procedures to ensure that consumers receive healthy and top quality products. Health and hygiene systems and obligations are implemented and certified in accordance with standard ISO 22000.
Food safety management at Gaugry includes the following procedures and systems:
1. The integration of European health regulations into our management system via the creation of a dedicated food safety team
2. Responsibilities set out in writing for our teams
3. The implementation of good hygiene practices with a performance obligation regarding the production and distribution of safe and healthy products. We regularly undertake physical chemistry checks and controls (moisture levels, fat levels, salt levels), as well as bacteriological and organoleptic checks, etc.
In application of standard ISO 22000, we constantly undertake checks and strict monitoring of the most critical points in order to ensure that our processes are continually controlled and improved. Lastly, our teams are particularly aware of food safety issues.
In order to facilitate health monitoring of our products, our traceability process is extremely precise. All our products are labelled with a batch number and a “best before date”, so that our products can be traced back day by day, through the production process right to the origin of the milk.

This monitoring system includes:
–    Knowledge of the composition of our cheeses (of the raw ingredients used).
–    The production conditions of the products (notified manually and via computer by the production department).
–    Identification of the distributors and products, in order to be able to quickly geolocate products in the event of an emergency.
The milk producers
We work extremely closely with the milk producers in order to aid and support their quality procedures, thus ensuring safety and control regarding our raw materials. To achieve this, an employee from the Fromagerie Gaugry goes out directly to the farms in order to help the milk producers with any problems they may encounter.