Our goals

In 2004 we opened a new production site, an integral part of the company’s plan for development.

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Maintaining the production of raw milk Epoisses

Cru Epoisses 250g lait cru - ouvert détouré

Today we are extremely proud of the fact that we are the last cheese dairy in France still producing raw milk Epoisses.
AOP Epoisses made from raw milk is emblematic and best reveals the true character of this cheese.

Ensuring that Burgundian dairy production continues to live on


The dairy sector in France has developed in ultra-specialised regions (such as Normandy).
The climate in Burgundy is ideal for mixed farming, and dairy producers have had difficulty finding a niche. We would like to help maintain this regional dairy production by assisting dairy farmers with any difficulties they encounter.

Keeping Burgundian traditions alive

Through the Epoisses cheese, it is authentic Burgundian tradition that we are helping to preserve. And it’s because we are so attached to our region that we wish to maintain its cultural heritage and to share it, both in France and the wider world.

Partnership with the Fromagerie Lincet


The Fromagerie Lincet is an independent family company based in our region. This partnership will enable us to share our logistical and commercial network in order to better serve our customers.