2005: We were awarded ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system


As a company that is particularly aware of environmental protection issues, when we set up on our new site in 2004 we decided to integrate new facilities and equipment aimed at reducing pollution and energy consumption.

A management system was implemented for the prevention and control of environmental impacts, in order to anticipate any risk of pollution. Standard ISO 14001 is used, enabling the company to:
– Evaluate its activity with regard to the environment
– Implement improvements
– Demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection

It sets out the requirements and obligations regarding the development, implementation and updating of an environmental management system.

Respect for these obligations enables the efficacy and existence of the system to be clearly demonstrated.

2006: We were awarded ISO 22000 certification for our food safety management

This certification, awarded by the LRQA – Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, guarantees our capacity to manage the risks associated with food safety. We have selected this international standard because it effectively meets strict food safety requirements and it corresponds perfectly with our long-term company strategy.

This standard involves both HACCP and PRP. HACCP (Hazard Analysis-Critical Control Points) is an analytical tool for quality management, designed for the identification, evaluation and control of hazards. This tool effectively identifies, evaluates and controls the risks that could otherwise negatively impact food safety and hygiene.