Le Petit Gaugry

Petit Gaugry 70g ouvert -détouré

A little treat for big gourmets.
Petit Gaugry is made using the same techniques and processes as soft and washed rind cheese from Burgundy,in a smaller 70 g format.

Created as a perfect portion for two people to share, or simply to satisfy the hunger pangs of lovers of characterful products, this cheese is sure to delight your taste buds.

Matured and washed with Marc de Bourgogne for around 3 weeks, Petit Gaugry reveals all the flavours of Burgundy in a handy format.

In terms of nose it presents a floral scent, and in terms of flavour, it is pure and delicately fruity with a balanced taste.

An idea to savour:

  • As a snack
    For fans of sweet & savoury combinations, it’s delicious on gingerbread (a Dijon speciality).
  • At the end of the meal
    You could enjoy it on its own or with a selection of other milder cheeses, such as Plaisir au Chablis or Soumaintrain IGP. Serve with fresh bread and a young red wine, perhaps a Savigny-les-Beaune, or a dry white Burgundy such as a Côte-de-Beaune.